Our services

We are known for our exceptional ability to provide quality services to our clients. Our management and staff are known for their exceptional client service, local knowledge, and technical competence. We are always ready, and have the ability, to find solutions to design challenges.


As an engineering consultant, our teams are accustomed to working in multi-disciplinary situations and PDC often plays the lead role on large-scale projects. We have been involved in projects that have ultimately shaped entire communities. These projects have ranged from the entitlement of raw land and the design of master-planned communities, to more recently the redevelopment of declining neighborhoods and dense, urban areas in what has become known as smart growth.


Our surveyors offer diverse and specialized services, ranging from exciting high-tech survey projects utilizing such sophisticated techniques as low-altitude aerial photography to GIS or satellite surveying and black and white infrared film. The degree of accuracy throughout these survey assignments is crucial because the results have a significant impact on the way precious land is utilized and developed.


PDC’s planning professionals have a proven track record of bridging the gap between governmental representatives, the developer, and consultant team, thereby increasing the overall value of each project. Our planners are experts are proficient in understanding the critical issues affecting land development and are well versed in taking projects from the conceptual phase through completion.


The role of landscape architecture is to optimize project opportunities into a comprehensive design concept that utilizes the project’s image infrastructure; that is consideration of project entries, nodes, project edges, landmarks, plazas, recreational facilities, open space and streetscape designs. Landscape Architecture is an essential element of all Planning and Urban Design projects at Project Design Consultants.


Our professional design services include:


 • Regional, Urban and Policy Planning

 • Landscape Architecture

 • Permit Processing

 • Civil Engineering

 • Traffic and Transportation Engineering

 • Water and Wastewater Engineering

 • Public Facilities Design

 • Survey, Photogrammetry, Mapping

 • Geographic Information Systems

 • Computer Graphics and 3-D Modeling



  • Engineering

    •  Land Development Engineering

    •  Urban Engineering

    •  Transportation Planning and Engineering

    •  Water Resources Engineering

    •  Water and Wastewater Engineering

    •  Public Facilities Design

    •  Assessment Engineering

    •  Program Management

  • Survey

    •  Cadastral, Boundary and ALTA Surveys

    •  Topographic Surveys

    •  Subdivision Mapping

    •  Condominium Mapping

    •  Digital Mapping Products

    •  Geodetic/Control Surveying

    •  Right-of-Way Engineering

    •  Construction Surveys

    •  Photogrammetry

  • Planning

    •  Regional Planning

    •  Urban Design and Planning

    •  Policy Planning

    •  Permit Processing

    •  Public Agency Support

    •  Redevelopment Planning/Government Coordination

    •  Physical Planning

  • Landscape Architecture

    •  Streetscape, Design/Construction Plans

    •  Park System Master Plan

    •  Park Planning, Design/Construction Plans

    •  Gateway & Entry, Design/Construction Plans

    •  Plaza Planning, Design/Construction Plans

    •  Multi-family Housing Landscape Design

    •  Trail Planning Design Construction Plans

    •  Slope Planting & Irrigation Plans

    •  Fire Control Plans

  • Other Services

    •  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    •  Graphics (3-D modeling, Multi-Media Presentations,

        Photo Simulations, Computer and Hand Graphics)


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